the observatory

about me (WIP !!)

stars welcome to the observatory ! stars


hello ! im calypso ! this is my website i hope you like it !
it will probably always be under construction
because im still learning how to code.
but other than that i hope you enjoy your stay !!

also the format on different screens might
(probably will)
be a little funky im not too sure what size
my screen is but yea hah i have yet to figure out
how to format it and also !! it is not at all formatting
for mobile sorry :,(

i made this website as a fun little way to learn how to code ! so as i keep learning i may change the theme of all my pages somewhat (hopefully not) often. so feel free to roam around theres some little things on each page even if they are wips heh
resources i used !

mdn web docs

futabakiduku rentry
knowledge rentry
rentry resources