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About Me !

calypso / cassian


ae / fae / lunar / he (pronouny)




call of duty
slasher movies
genshit (genshin impact)
star wars !!
favourite music
hot freaks
poor man's poison
lemon demon

games i like !
cod modern warfare (2007, 2009, 2019, 2022)
cod: ghosts
genshin impact
cookie run:kingdoms
ensemble stars
maho yaku
overwatch 2
resident evil biohazard + village
movies i like !
texas chainsaw massacre (1974, 1986, 2022)
scream (1 - 6)
literally any spiderman movie (from 2002 - now)
captain america (2 - 3)
every star wars movie (especially rogue one)

tv shows i like !
most star wars shows (ive yet to watch the animated ones)
the boys
moon knight
falcon and the winter soldier


uquiz results

what planet are you?
optimistic. hopeful. generous and compassionate. you are the guardian angel. you are 4:44 am and a sense of being watched over. you enrich the lives of others just by existing and caring for them. you give as many blessings as you receive and there is always more to go around. careful not to become too over-confident in these abilities. what makes you jupiter is your belief that ego has no part in caring and love. you are softness and the smell of almond coffee.

star, moon, sun or cloud person?
Cloud person
soft, quiet and caring

what role do you play in a greek myth?
the ruler
the ruler you are the ruler of great lands and greater potential. is your kingdom made of blood or beauty? both? everything you want is yours. wield your power carefully. protect your people and the ones you love. have compassion. and whatever you do, don't trust the oracles.

whats your role in the tragic play?
desperate narrator
this story is a cycle, and you're spinning around it like a hamster in a ball being tormented by a cat. you know how this story ends. after all, you've told it a thousand times. but you try to change it every time. you love the people in this story more than anything. so watching them fall victim to the narrative breaks you in a way you can't begin to describe. but all you can do is tell the story── their story── with tears in your eyes. you're prone to anxiety and feelings of helplessness. you have so much love in your heart, and for once you wish it would change something. it didn't. it doesn't. it won't. but you refuse to stop telling the story. and you refuse to stop loving the people in it. in this way, no one is stronger than you. you just wish being strong hurt less.

are you silly or goofy?
do they call you goose cus babygirl you are silly

are you weirdcore/dreamcore, kidcore, or emocore?
You still have toys that you love to play with. You dress up like your in the 90's colorful, etc! Your dream place is a mall filled with old toys, clothes, shoes, everything!
flags that r me

sansaroace aroace flag

transmascsans transmasc flag

agender agender flag

star stardustlexic - A gender that is/ is related to the word stardust.

coined by: empyrangel

loser Loverboyloser - a loser term that ones gender related to the term Loverboy and being a loser and/or being a Loverboy and being a loser.

coined by: blood-moon-night-coining

eepy pazazsuan - masc Gender that Mainly Relates to the Feeling of Innocence , But also Relates to The feelings of Peacefulness , Being calm && The Moon !

coined by: scytheral

frilly moonfrilled - a gender under the genderfrilled / genderfrilly gender system in which you like the moon and frills , you're the moon and frilly , you're the moon and like frills etc ~ !

coined by: lovesse

seastar Starwashic - This gender feels like stars washing up on a beach!

coined by: aiyatoaitohoyo

spacy spacentity - a gender connected to both space and being an entity. this gender feels beyond human comprehension , simplist way to describe it is as an " entity " just floating through space aimlessly and only comforted by the darkness surrounding it .

coined by: m00nystars

princestar princestar - a gender under Genderstar that is related to stars & princes. it could be related to being a prince of stars, being a star and a prince, a prince adorned in stars; & many more

coined by: dreamythism

oink pinkstarcoric - a xenogender where u really like the colour pink and/or stars to where it connects to ur gender identity

coined by: @cookieluvr5268

aro hopeless romantic aroace - for anyone whos aroace(spec) and a hopeless romantic

coined by: @xenicluvs

loveless desert aro flag - loveless aromantics

coined by: @glyphflags

clover clovercookcharic - a gender connected to clover cookie from Cookie run: Kingdom

coined by: @xenicluvs

cloveragender agdender flag colorpicked from clover cookie

coined by: @bchocoffee

neo neopronoun aroace flag

coined by: @pixiedoka

transmaasc spiteful / angry transmasc - for transmascs who are full of rage and spite

coined by: @gendergasm

pathetiboy pathetiboy -a gender connected to feeling masculine / boy-like in nature and pathetic !!

coined by: @nblmwolf

eepy sleepy aroace flag

coined by: @nightcordz